Every December 5th, we take the time to recognize our school's history by celebrating Founders' Day. Every year this day has become an opportunity for the school to recognize the individuals that represent the definition of a great community. Mr.Angel Nuņez, Mr.Al Felly, Mrs.Celi McCorkle, Mrs.Martha Guerrero and Mr. Alan Forman. They are our founders who dedicated their time, efforts and even lives to San Pedro High School. They had a vision to provide secondary education to the youth of the island. Founder's day is a great reminder of the core values the school represents and how we contribute and uphold those year-to-year. Our tradition each year has always been to celebrate in a grand way with performances by our students and even teachers for our founders. As a result of the worldwide pandemic, this year we were unable to put on our annual show. Despite this however, we were able to put together a small compilation of pieces that our students wanted to dedicate to you as well as past pictures of our students' performances. Happy Founder's Day San Pedro High School.

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