With so many leading PUP personalities positive for COVID 19 - it could point back to the November 11the general election- and the celebrations that followed.

We asked the Prime Minister if that was the super spreader:

Jules Vasquez, reporter
"After the election inevitably there were celebrations and we saw you as well, we know how you crave contact with your supporters. We saw you as well when leaving the Belize House, you were in the embrace of others. Have you all looked at the likelihood that the election victory and the aftermath of celebration which is hard to stop might have been the index event or the super spreader event which led to these multiple PUP infections?"

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister
"Obviously any event that you have could have the spread of the virus. I mean, you could have a party at your home and then you hear everybody in the home got sick, so any event that we have, that brings me to the point to say that even Christmas now we have to be careful not to have parties for this Christmas. I usually invite my entire family for Christmas and my extended family and already my wife is saying no, it's just us, we can't invite anybody. So, the answer is quite likely the election as much as we tried our best to be careful, I think during the day I think we did a pretty good job, everyboldy wore their mask and everybody cleaning their hands - we try not to be out there in large numbers on the polling stations, but in the night with the euphoria of the victory people just - even though it could have been much bigger. If we did not have the restrictions, people came out and embracing one another and they are drinking, so I'm sure that some of that has contributed."

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