While Police Corporal David Jimenez was the first to die waiting in the KHMH parking lot - it happened again on Thursday - when another man in respiratory distress died right there waiting.

We asked the Prime Minister today what is being done to prevent recurrences:

"We are hearing about people dying in parking lots, the policer officer Jimenez from Corozal and Orange Walk as well and over the weekend we had two other cases like that."

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister
"What is happening is that one of the things that I found out today is that we set up protocols, but it stays there. It does not go from say Karl Heusner to Northern Regional or the Southern Regional, so that people get there and now they are waiting there to get attention. For instance, now they have some mobile oxygen tanks so that when you come and you need attention they can go right out there in the parking lot to be able to start to give you oxygen whilst they start the process to get you in. Apparently, because of the database that the health system has, it's a fairly extensive one and so they have to enter a lot of data and sometimes it takes too long. Again, we have to configure that whole thing where we have civilians entering the data while the doctors look at you clinically to make sure what kind of attention you need, so that you can do this much quicker."

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