If you were out and about in the City last Wednesday you may have found that your car or your legs were more than half submerged in water.

The good news was that once the rain had stopped and the tide had gone out, the water ran off the streets and back where it came from.

Still, it left quite an amount of damage in its wake mainly in the form of waterlogged and broken roads. And this morning Cherisse Halsall traveled some of those roads to catch up with works councilor Albert Vaughn. He told us just how the City Council dealt with the inundation and what it needs from Belmopan now to get back on track.

Vaughn also told us that last week's flooding in the city exposed what he says is quote "the complete failure" of the flood mitigation project, a loan that was supposed to facilitate drainage out of Belama and into the sea and in the Haulover Creek.

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