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This article presents a major breakthrough in Maya art and archaeology, revealing the sophisticated way that Maya artists animated ancient artworks. There is a lot of excitement surrounding the contemporary Mexican animator Jorge Gutierrez’s latest project, a Netflix series called Maya and the Three, a modern anime that visualizes the pre-Columbian world, which fits in nicely with our research.

This is because the Maya had their own ancient anime. Studying Maya moving pictures unlocks a forgotten philosophy of time-space not to be missed by those interested in ancient history and archaeology. The rollout photograph above is of a Maya ceramic which has converted the 3D ceramic to a flat 2D image. However, the image was never intended to be seen all at once in this manner.

Art historian Jennifer John and her artist husband Alex have spent the last decade discovering the equivalent of ancient cinematic clippings hidden within Maya art. This is a new perspective and their work provides a window onto the ancient action of a long-vanished world, breathing a newfound vitality into Maya art.

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