As COVID-19 cases increase in San Pedro Town, health officials urge business establishments such as restaurants to adhere to the recently passed safety regulations to avoid penalties. The new Statutory Instrument regarding the COVID-19 laws only permits open-air restaurants to offer dine-in services. Those restaurants with only indoor dining can only offer takeout or/drive-thru/ services. Failure to abide by this rule can lead to the closure of the establishment. This penalty applies to restaurants and any establishment that fails to implement the regulations to decrease the spread of the virus. The proper wearing of masks and set markers measuring social distancing inside their premises is mandatory. According to Health Inspector Christina Sanchez, during an appearance on Reef TV, there is the idea of creating a task force to visit businesses across the island. Any establishment found in non-compliance will be served to the point of being closed.

One of the reasons shared by the health inspector on the island is the limited information available to the residents about the disease’s reality. People are becoming lax and not taking the necessary measures. Sanchez stated that COVID-19 has not gone away and stressed the importance of following health protocols. Another problem cited is people are not using the hand hygiene stations outside shops and stores. These businesses are asked to enforce these measures and not allow anyone into their establishment unless they have proper hand hygiene.

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