And while it is left to be seen if CEO Mendez survives the pushback - best information suggests that she may not.

And the same uncertain future seems to await Dr. Marvin Manzanero. As we've been reporting, he kind of got "pushed to one side" after the new government took office. First, he had to clear out of his office to make way for the new senior staff in the ministry - and then one by one responsibility for certain tasks were shifted to new personalities.

And, now that he's home on sick leave with COVID 19 the Doc is being replaced - temporarily. Today, his Ministry announced the woman set to act as DHS in his absence.

She's Dr. Melissa Diaz - Musa the former Deputy Regional Manager for the Central Health Region in the Belize District who has worked with the Ministry for over a decade. She leapfrogs two deputy Directors of Health Services to become the acting Director of Health Services. She's also the sister in law of Police Minister Kareem Musa.

We are told she will be acting DHS for three months - in the first instances at least.

And while the UK trained Dr. Diaz Musa's credentials are legit, is Dr Manza being pushed out the door? At the UDP's. Press conference today - the leader seemed to think so:

Hon. Patrick Faber, Opposition Leader
"From the very first press conference that the government had and while there is no official boxing in of Dr. Manza, it would seem that they have their own preferences for professionals. We saw in fact in that very first press conference that they basically boxed him out and we are told now that in fact and again, we can only go by what we are hearing, but normally 9 out of 10 times when we hear these things they come to light - we are hearing of yet another nepotistic appointment that is about to be made in terms of the DHS or at least key players in the ministry of health, so that was what I said and in fact in one of my own personal post I commented that Dr. Manza was to me being Fauci - what Trump has done to Dr. Fauci in the US is seemingly being done to Dr. Manza where they in fact criticized all that was in play which was headed by Dr. Manza. That first press conference by the minister was to say all that was there was rubbish. In fact there was no plan. That's a slap in the face to Dr. Manza and for his very capable team that held things together for all of those months. Dr. Manza may not be in a position where he is able to speak freely. As a public servant he can't challenge, but we on the outside are seeing what is happening and we speak on his behalf."

The Ministry in its press release announcing the appointment did say quote: "wish Dr. Manzanero a safe and speedy recovery."

Manzanero said in a facebook post that he had minor symptoms last week and has not updated since.

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