The year 2020 came and is about to end without a conclusion to the criminal court case against American National Anke Doehm. Doehm faces a charge of ‘Cruelty to a Child’ connected to her adopted daughter, Faye Lin Cannon who died under questionable conditions in 2017 at their family’s condo in northern Ambergris Caye. Doehm’s case is expected to continue in January 2021.

A check with the Supreme Court in Belize City confirmed that Doehm remains in the country. Her court appearance reportedly took place in May of this year, and since then, no other court appearances are confirmed. The amount of time between court appearances is attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw the Supreme Court temporarily closed at times. According to reports from the court, there is no timeframe for when Doehm’s case will end. The most likely scenario is that it might continue to be adjourned over the next months.

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