And what the public is expecting the Minister of Health and Wellness to "abide by" is its commitment to spend 15 million on COVID relief over the next 6 months. But, government is more than broke, it's surviving on borrowed money - so where will the funds come from?

PM Briceno says they will go to the house next week in the first working session to pass a supplementary appropriation:

Marisol Amaya- Reporter
"And the 15 million toward the Health budget, where did that come from?"

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister
"Well it has to come from, one, we have to reallocate resources. On Friday at our first working session we are going to present two supplementary budgets. One for what has been spent, and some illegally as according to the Supreme Court. Secondly we are going to present a new supplementary budget that will take us from now until the end of the year. So what we are doing is we are trying to reallocate some funding and then obviously we have to borrow some, more there is no money. So when we borrow we have to ensure that we borrow for the things that are absolutely necessary."

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