by Nancy R Koerner

On November 4th, 2020, Belize, Central America, experienced Hurricane Eta --and the worst flooding in living memory -- a "top gallon" flood. People whose properties had never before been threatened by high-water found the floorboards of their houses -- already on spilts -- only feet from the flood. But immediately, the citizens of Belize started paddling the streets in their canoes. Quiet heroes pitched in without fanfare, getting emergency supplies to those in need, and ferrying people to safety. Nobody needed to be told to help.

(This video also contain the *full* footage of the tarantula climbing up on the back of one of the canoeers while rescuing their craft on an island of floating debris -- as seen in a previous YouTube video on this channel, dated November 11th, 2020.)

Belize is a nation of many colors -- of strength, cooperation, generosity, and unity -- and the response to this flooding all occurred while already fighting the pandemic. Everyone wore masks. No one complained saying that masks "infringed on their personal rights and freedoms." They wore them willingly, sensibly, to keep each other from getting sick!

One week later was National Election Day. A curfew the night before was declared to assure everyone's safety. A work holiday then allowed everyone to get out and vote. Polling locations observed strict COVID protocols. Voting turnout topped 80%. Officials in the new ruling party were duly elected in a PEACEFUL transition of power. The Right Honourable Prime Minister Dean Barrow of the UDP stepped down, and the Right Honourable Johnny Briceno of the PUP was welcomed.

Belize: A very civilized country. Maybe the U.S. could use a role model.