While a lockdown has not been hinted by government, many are afraid that it would be considered. In response to concerns and a reaction to the increase in COVID-19 cases, island community leaders are getting together today, Monday, December 14, to create an Island Task Force which will be working in creating more awareness of the pandemic, enforcing stricter regulations and making sure businesses adhere to quarantine laws.

Most importantly, the San Pedro Police Department will be pressuring residents to follow the basic hand washing, wearing of masks and practicing social distancing protocols; these are essential at keeping the virus at bay and cannot be stressed more for everyone to continue practicing. “We want everyone to be responsible,” stressed OC Noble, San Pedro Police Department. “We now people do not want a lockdown. Be responsible when you are out there and we will be better with time.”

He says the major problems his department faces are the constant reminders for everyone to wear their masks and to avoid large social gatherings. He also asks for cooperation from the business community to place proper sanitary requirements for their customers. Hon. Andre Perez, Area Representative will be joining the San Pedro Town Council, San Pedro Police Department, Health Department and other officials in the Task Force which will outline more of their initiatives as a group.

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This was discussed this morning ReefTV:
Join us this morning, Monday Dec 14th, as we discuss the plan to move forward in regards to the enforcement and adherence of the Covid 19 protocols for both our islands . Id like to thank Dr Canul, Ms. Kristina Sanchez, Mayor Guerrero and OIC Noble for joining us today.

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