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Banana Beach8/10-8/22 (3)Belize City(1)8/24-8/26 #54696
07/10/02 05:00 AM
07/10/02 05:00 AM
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o jackie Offline OP
o jackie  Offline OP
I only have a few questions. I think that if I email Tim one more time, he will personally find me another hotel to stay at.
Banana Beach:
1)Are there irons availible to use? I cannot wear wrinkled clothes. Last year I brought my own, but it gets a little heavy so I left it with one of my friends.
2)Beach Towels-Do they have ones that you could use and exchange everyday? or not?
3)Are there clocks in the room? I stayed at Seven Seas last year and they had 2, I swear they were never right. It is not that I am on a time schedule, I have a phobia about being in an enclosed room without a clock.
Belize City:
1)Has anyone ever stayed at the Radisson? or any other in the city, close to the airport that has a pool?
Thank you very much.
Sweet Jane, I know how much you like to link,but I checked these already if you could find it girl you are good.I also wanted to tell you that my space bags came in the mail yesterday, so we will see,did I get taken? I will compare Ziploc to space bags. I have used Ziploc for many years of travel.
Just thought you would like to know, the could down starts today,only 30 days-exactly.

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Re: Banana Beach8/10-8/22 (3)Belize City(1)8/24-8/26 #54697
07/10/02 06:33 AM
07/10/02 06:33 AM
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Sandcrab Offline
Sandcrab  Offline
1.) BB has no irons for guest use, but you could always give the things to your maid.

2.) Yes, beach towels are supplied and can be exchanged.

3.) I am almost sure a clock is in the bedroom on the night table, but why not buy a small travel clock to be sure if it is a phobia?

Belize City hotels:

Radisson fort George Hotel:

Colton House Hotel:

The Great House:

Go ahead and email Tim, that's part of the job.

Have a fun trip,

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Re: Banana Beach8/10-8/22 (3)Belize City(1)8/24-8/26 #54698
07/10/02 06:53 AM
07/10/02 06:53 AM
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Tulsa, OK USA
Soonergirl Offline
Soonergirl  Offline
We are staying @ 7 Seas 8/15/02 - 8/18/02? I noticed you stayed there last year how are the accommodations? We have stayed @ Journey's End in the past but wanted a property closer to town this time so we could walk? Far to town?

Re: Banana Beach8/10-8/22 (3)Belize City(1)8/24-8/26 #54699
07/10/02 08:50 AM
07/10/02 08:50 AM
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San Luis Obispo, Ca. USA
SeaJay Offline
SeaJay  Offline
o jackie - a night in Belize City wasn't in our original plans, but we did stay there 1 night. We stayed at the Belize Biltmore. It is fairly close to the international airport, and has a very nice pool. The gardens and lobby are beautiful and it has a nice restaurant and gift shop. The rooms were pretty much your typical motel room but one thing I liked was the fact that access was through the main lobby. That helped with our concerns about Belize City after dark. They have hair dryers and I'm pretty sure there was also a clock. The standard rooms are $85 + taxes. We were very pleased with the Biltmore although we didn't really check out any of the other places.

Re: Banana Beach8/10-8/22 (3)Belize City(1)8/24-8/26 #54700
07/10/02 09:07 AM
07/10/02 09:07 AM
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bucks county, PA
sweetjane Offline
sweetjane  Offline
i would not stay a night in b city unless you HAVE to. otherwise, don't.

it was '93. we stayed at 4 fort street, a little guesthouse. no air, no pool, cute with clean beds & mosquito netting. also a nice little restaurant. we were exhausted, dirty & hurt, and it seemed like heaven.

i do not care for b city.

and i can't imagine what you mean about links...?

the only advantage of the space bags (and i hope youdidn't get the vacuum ones, but the push air kind) over ziplocs is the thinkness of the material. these will not easily puncture and are MUCH larger than the 2 gal ziplocs i've seen.

but...i just saw 6 gallon ones at target.

if you don't like the bags, don't shoot me! i just suggested them, i did not force you to get them. that is my story and i am sticking to it!

Re: Banana Beach8/10-8/22 (3)Belize City(1)8/24-8/26 #54701
07/10/02 09:16 AM
07/10/02 09:16 AM
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Asheville, NC USA
Lan Sluder/Belize First Offline
Lan Sluder/Belize First  Offline
Here's my take on better hotels in and near Belize City, from my San Pedro Cool guidebook to Ambergris Caye. The "H" is supposed to be a star symbol, so HHHH is four stars. Of these, only the Biltmore Plaza and Radisson have pools (the Radisson has two pools.)

--Lan Sluder

Most visitors to San Pedro are able to get to the island without an overnight in Belize City. If you stay over in Belize City, here are recommended hotels:

Downtown Area
HHHH + Radisson Fort George, 2 Marine Parade; tel. 501-223-3333, fax 227-3829; e-mail [email protected]; This is the luxurious flagship of the city’s hotels, and the most expensive, though you can often get substantial reductions from the rack rates. All rooms have cable TV, fridge and minibar, and those in the Club Wing, reached by the only glass elevator in Belize, have unbeatable sea views. Most of the rooms, including those in the villa wing across the street, have been remodeled recently. There’s a good restaurant (you may see Emory King, Belize’s most famous expat, there at breakfast), and the grounds are an oasis of calm on the edge of the sea. The hotel has two pools and a private dock. The marina can take large boats of up to 250 feet in length with a 10-foot draft. The staff is friendly and helpful. Rates US$169-189 double, Dec. 20-Apr. 30, about US$10 less the rest of year. But as noted, rates are often heavily discounted – ask.

HHHH Great House, 13 Cork St.; tel. 501-223-3400, fax 223-3444; e-mail [email protected]; This small jewel offers spacious and well-equipped air-conditioned rooms in a recently modernized and expanded private house, originally built in 1927. All 12 rooms, half on the second and half on the third floor, have a balcony, private bathroom, mini-fridge, safe, TV, phone and dedicated fax line. There is also a good, if somewhat pricey, restaurant in the courtyard, the Smoky Mermaid. Owner Steve Maestre, one of Belize’s most experienced hotel proprietors, takes great pride in the personal service here. Doubles around US$110-$120.

HHH + Colton House, 9 Cork St.; tel. 501-224-4666; e-mail [email protected]; Alan and Ondina Colton’s beautifully kept colonial house in the Fort George area, dating from the 1920s, is easily the best guesthouse in Belize. It’s highly recommended. The five rooms and one suite are individually decorated in English country house style, each with an immaculate bathroom and air-conditioning. The downstairs garden room has a fridge, microwave and TV. There are lots of personal touches, such as ice-cold water in a vacuum jug in your room, though no meals are served. Free coffee is available in the mornings and you can enjoy tea on the verandah, where there’s often a breeze from the sea. The Coltons keep an extensive book and video library on Belize and can arrange tours at good rates. Alan, an ex-British soldier, is an enthusiastic amateur beer brewer and owner of the "Swamp Water Brewery of Belize," which consists of five-gallon buckets in a wash room. No children under 9, and no credit cards. Rates US$65-$75 double Nov. 1-Apr. 30, about US$10 less rest of year.

H Seaside Guest House, 3 Prince St.; tel. 501-227-8339; [email protected] A clean, well-run and secure hotel on the South Side is a bustling meeting place for travelers. No longer operated by the Friends Quaker organization, it is still a fairly friendly spot. One room has four hostel-style dorm beds, and there are five private rooms with shared bath (around US$30 double). And, yep, you can really see the sea. Good hot showers, a pay phone, Internet access in the common room, tons of accurate information and a relaxing, orchid-filled garden make the Seaside a good first stop for anyone on a budget. Breakfast (US$1.50--$4.50) is available, and there’s a beer and wine license. You get a key for access at all times — a rarity in budget hotels. In a change in policy, Seaside now accepts credit cards.

Near International Airport

HHH + Villa Boscardi, 6043 Manatee Dr. (P.O. Box 1501), Belize City; tel./fax 501-223-31691; e-mail [email protected]; If you’re nervous about staying in beautiful downtown Belize City (you shouldn’t be, but many are), this B&B, with four rooms and a small cottage in a residential neighborhood between the city center and the International Airport could be perfect for you. Owners Franco and Francoise Boscardi have turned their Buttonwood Bay home into a lovely place to overnight. Rooms are delightfully decorated and air-conditioned, all with private baths. Plus, you get a full breakfast included in the rate, and the Boscardis offer free transport to and from the airports, except on Sunday. They also rent cars at rates lower than most majors. Rates US$65-$75 double year-round.

HHH Belize Biltmore Plaza, Mile 3 1/2, Northern Hwy.; tel. 501-223-2302, fax 223-2301; e-mail [email protected]; New management has turned things around at this motel, about half way between the International Airport and downtown. GM Teresa Parkey, who formerly ran the popular Fort Street Guesthouse, and her team have upgraded many of the 80 rooms and made much-needed improvements to the pool and grounds. The "deluxe premier" rooms with new carpets and quality mattresses are worth the extra few bucks a night. Biltmore Plaza's restaurant also has turned around. The Victorian Room with offerings ranging from Creole stew chicken to New York Strip, is now a popular Belize City dining spot. US$85 to $99 a night, with discounts usually available.

HH Embassy Hotel, International Airport, tel. 501-225-3333, fax 225-2267; e-mail [email protected]; This relatively new hotel (it opened in 1998) is already looking a bit ragged, but it’s highly convenient to the airport — just across the parking lot, within walking distance. Rates are around US$50 double, or US$90 for a small suite. The hotel also rents apartments for US$300 a month. You can park at the airport for US$2.50 a day, or store your gear for about US$1 per bag. There’s a restaurant, and the hotel is air-conditioned. The owners have all sorts of enterprises going, including real estate development, construction, tours and timeshares.

Lan Sluder/Belize First
Re: Banana Beach8/10-8/22 (3)Belize City(1)8/24-8/26 #54702
07/10/02 09:31 AM
07/10/02 09:31 AM
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bucks county, PA
sweetjane Offline
sweetjane  Offline
(listen to lan...he is the man!)

Re: Banana Beach8/10-8/22 (3)Belize City(1)8/24-8/26 #54703
07/10/02 10:29 AM
07/10/02 10:29 AM
Joined: May 2002
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o jackie Offline OP
o jackie  Offline OP
7Seas was okay.Not really what I expected. What I mean is the whole island is nothing like I expected.The price was good,the maid was very nice and the place was clean. I just felt weird there, actually I did not like the place at all. I cannot explain it.
NO it is not a far walk to town at all about 10 minutes on the beach.
Here is the situation I am in. I am leaving the island on the 22nd to stay with my friend in Orange Walk for a few days. My plane leaves on Monday(26) at 2ish so if I stay in Orange walk until Monday then I have to get up with my friend at 4am take the bus into the city when she goes to work, then what will I do from 5am till 2 with my suitcases. So I figured if we go on Sat or Sun to the city that would atleast have the hotel until 11am and have a pool and get that last bit of sun .
Yes, I got the bags with the vacumm so I could bring my hand held Dirt Devil with me along with my iron and hairdryer. Just kidding. I bought those Hefty jumbo bags(mine are only 2.5 gallons,hum-guess another trip to Target) before I ordered the spacebags. No you did not force me into it,you just helped it along the way. I am an info channel sucker anyway.

Re: Banana Beach8/10-8/22 (3)Belize City(1)8/24-8/26 #54704
07/10/02 07:36 PM
07/10/02 07:36 PM
Joined: May 2002
Posts: 918
o jackie Offline OP
o jackie  Offline OP
Did you forget in all of our excitement today that we were having a conversation.
Also one more BB ?
Is there place to get coffee in the morning or should I bring my own. I do not care if it is a 5 minute walk or so. If so, how early do they open?

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Re: Banana Beach8/10-8/22 (3)Belize City(1)8/24-8/26 #54705
07/10/02 07:48 PM
07/10/02 07:48 PM
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Mesquite Tx USA
Johnboy Offline
Johnboy  Offline
Walk up the road toward town or up the beach & cut through Banyon Bay . Thereis a little roadside cafe that opens at 6am ...They have great coffee....John

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