When that new statutory instrument comes into effect, it will also clamp down on the sale of alcohol. According to Minister Kareem Musa, the public will no longer be able to purchase alcohol after six p.m. Here’s how he explains it.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs

“That is one of the regulations that was discussed and that we will be implementing at six p.m., we are going to be regulating. There is going to be a cut off point for the purchasing of alcohol across the country. So, that is something very important. It is not that necessarily people have to go to bars to drink but what you find is that people are now gathering in parks and along the sea side to drink alcohol. So, it is a huge problem and we have identified that problem and we will be cracking down on it. Like we said it is going to be regulated at six p.m., no alcohol will be served after six p.m. That is going to be one of the regulations tomorrow.”

Channel 5