The police are still dealing with border jumpers who are crossing into Belizean territory illegally.

You'll remember that earlier this year, border jumpers were the main threat to trigger the country's second wave, but local law enforcement cracked down severely on this activity.

Well, in terms of the coronavirus - we're at tsunami stage now - but the crackdown on border jumpers continues. This weekend, police only had to charge one, but the Commissioner told the press that it's still a problem that police are facing:

Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police
"We do have a number of persons who continue to jump the border, and when you jump the border, you're not charged immediately. What happens is that you go to De Silva in the Mountain Pine Ridge area, where you undergo quarantine. And as soon as your quarantine is over, then you are brought back to the police station, where you're charged, and then you're arraigned. We still have a number of persons who are still at De Silva, who are border jumpers, awaiting to be charged. But, the charges will proceed after they have completed their quarantine."

The Commissioner noted that more persons will be charged for border jumping as soon as their quarantine period is concluded.

Channel 7