In just six short weeks we have managed to accomplish so much! We are thankful that our team of committed islanders are working diligently in the back ground ensuring that we are keeping the best interest of our communities to the forefront of our plans.

1. Concrete plans are underway for a health center and school for Caye Caulker.
2. Funding has been secured to begin the ambitious paving of 4 miles of roads for San Pedro.
3. A much needed golf cart and pick up truck has been secured for the poly clinic.
4. The filling and reopening of the San Pedro Flu Clinic
5. Real plans for San Pedro's Hospital are under way!
6. 200 NEW JOBS will be brought to San Pedro in January 2021.
7. San Pedro and Caye Caulker's pantry program has begun. As early as Monday, families started reciving their grocery bags.

This new year will bring so many opportunities to our islands and we will work hard to ensure que todos ganemos. In the meantime, let us hunker down and support each other. Practice social distancing, adhere to curfews, wear masks and enjoy quality time with our immediate family.

Remember that better days are ahead and we will overcome. On behalf of my family, may you have a blessed Merry Christmas!