They were packed up like chicken in a crate at the Belize city bus terminal this afternoon.

It's Christmas Eve and people are anxious to get home to their families - and that anxiety was evident today where throngs of commuters were seen packed up, waiting for their buses.

Now, in any other year, this would be perfectly normal, but during a pandemic, a situation like this can quickly turn into a super spreader.

But this begs the question - what happened to the ticketing system that was put in place in early November? This system was to prevent overcrowding inside the terminal, as only those with tickets would be allowed to get on the buses.

Additionally, under the new SI, buses can only carry 75% of their capacity - and with fewer runs already on the road, this would mean that some people would just have to stay put.

About half an hour later - after the rush had dissipated, we did see more orderly activity at the terminal.

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