Schools remain closed and contact sports are currently illegal, both as a result of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. But, the Football Federation of Belize is getting ready to launch their new developmental project called Football for Schools.

It is aimed at making football more accessible to school children all around the country. The FFB hopes to encourage a culture in the education system where football activities become a part of physical education curriculums. This promotion of love for the sport will focus on children between the ages of 4 and 15 years.

Today, the FFB General Secretary, Early Jones, Executive Member Marlon Kuylen and the Technical Director, Philip Marin met with the National Sports Council's Director, Oscar Arnold, and Deputy Director Marvin Ottley. They engaged in discussions on how best to implement this project.

A press release from the FFB says, quote, "The project targets 100 schools, 300 teachers and 10,000 boys and girls in year one and a total of 250 schools, 750 teachers and 25,000 boys and girls by year four." End quote.

This evening, we spoke via telephone with FFB's Marlon Kuylen about how the initial phases of this project will work. He told us that contact sports being illegal and the fact that schools are closed won't be a challenge to this program. Here's how he explained why:

The program will take place over 4 years. It will cost several hundred thousand dollars, which will be funded by FIFA.

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