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Ambergris Caye has a team doing amazing work protecting residents and visitors by providing quick response to emergencies. Driven by a powerful mission, RRR (you’ll see the stickers and signs and magnets all over town) – Triple R Response/Rickilee Rescue and Response – a charitable organization – has brought 24-emergency response services, on land and sea, to Ambergris Caye.

Write this number down. Wait…it’s 2020…program it in your phone. It’s important. 627-1117 for emergencies.

I’ve seen the signs all over town…and read stories in the local news..and I’ve most certainly seen the ambulance speeding by but I wanted to learn more. Because I know from experience that there were quite a few things that I had taken for granted when living in the United States. Infrastructure and institutions that I never thought about because I never used them. I just…took them for granted. Examples are 24-hour hospitals, ambulance services, trash collection, animal control- services, sometimes critical services, that are not “a given” in Belize and many places in the world.

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