The waters just off Ambergris Caye used to look just like this. Now you must go to the farthest reaches of the Belizean atolls to experience such exquisite crystalline seas. (Turn up your sound.) Guard your waters, citizens of Belize! Fight for them against industrial corruption. They will be history sooner than you think.

In these days of disappearing natural beauty, it is a great rarity to capture something so exquisite as the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. But this film was actually inspired by the audio soundtrack -- rather than a visual -- a song called "The Coral Reef," written by my musician friend, Captn Jac.

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For this, the most haunting of melodies, I searched for four years to find footage that qualified for the vision that existed only in my mind. It seemed unattainable. I had contacted divers, underwater photographers, tourism agencies, and was even prepared to pay for professional online footage, if I could find anything that might possibly quality. I could not. Searching the internet for "coral reef" photo and video clips revealed horrendous fakes -- pix and clips from what could only be peoples' home aquariums. No way. Not even close.

For those of us lucky enough to have dived waters such as these within our lifetimes, of which I am one, there is no substitute for the magic and clarity of "infinite visibility" -- a condition that can only be described as truly "otherworldly." The sad truth is, reef waters like this are now nearly non-existent on our planet. And with climate change, and the ever-warming seas, the coral reefs -- the cradle-of-life -- which have captured dangerous carbons from our atmosphere from time-immemorial, are dying. Where once there were vast worlds of vibrant color and abounding sea-life, now only bleached white bones lie broken, in undersea graveyards.

Junglepixiebelize - Nancy R Koerner

The Coral Reef (lyrics)

When I dive the coral reef, I leave my world behind me
To explore this inner space, til my air supply reminds me
This will never be my world, I'm just a guest down there
I'm a creature of the land, of the sky and air.

When I dive the coral reef, I look around and wonder
What will be the fate of all, that fragile life down under?
In some future ocean, will the angelfish still swim
Will the coral reef survive, the days and ways of men?

When I dive the coral reef, I feel like I belong
Like the feeling that you get, from some forgotten song
Is it because we're born, without the need to breathe?
Maybe what they say is true, we all came from the sea.