The hot topic on the table in the Senate Meeting was the holiday set for Friday on celebration of George Price's birthday.

While this holiday will definitely be happening, that didn't stop Senator Peyrefitte from rising to give his objections. Later, after the meeting ended, Senator Eamon Courtenay explained that the holiday is not just for a national hero, but for the Father of the Nation.

Michael Peyrefitte, Senator
"Mr. Price was also a politician and we need to be very careful that we don't set precarious precedence of singling out politicians from your own party for national recognition. We need to be very careful. What we did when we were in government we established a Hero's and Benefactors Day and what we did is that we told the nation that there is a day and that day still exists to this day March 9th, when we celebrate all our national heroes and all our benefactors and all thos who have contributed greatly to the country of Belize, so Mr. Price already has his day when he is celebrated as a proper national hero as he should be."

Eamon Courtenay, Senator
"The point of matter is as I try to explain this recognition is a recognition of Mr. Price as the Father of the Nation and there is only one father of the nation. It was not presented in the context of him being a national hero. We have 2 national heroes and there is national heroes day. We believe that Mr. Price requires and deserves special attention and that is why the designation has been made. I expected the senators from the United Democratic Party to oppose that."

Senator Peyrefitte had no objections to Freedom Day or the renaming of Pan American Day.

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