The board that the minister has selected to spearhead the country’s tourism rebound is led by Evan Tillett.  Tillett is a former colleague of Minister Mahler and is no stranger to the industry. Both worked together at the B.T.B.  Tillett was Director of Finance until 2009, when his contract was not renewed.  That was under the first term of the U.D.P. Administration. He, along with then Tourism Director Tracy Taegar Panton – now U.D.P. Albert’s area representative – was replaced.  Minister Mahler told News Five that Tillett returns to the B.T.B. as board chair.

Anthony Mahler, Minister of Tourism

“Change is always good; life is filled with changes, every day you change. And so, we’ve appointed a new board and that will be disseminated later this week. Mister Evan Tillett is the new chairman of the board and pretty much, and there are some other members.”

Duane Moody

“Sir has any staff been let go?”

Anthony Mahler

“No, not under my watch.”

The list of board members is posted on B.T.B.’s official website. Vice Chairman is Mohit Budhrani, C.E.O. Nicole Solano also holds a seat on the board and so does B.T.I.A. Executive Director Stewart Krohn and Ted Tejada of the Belize Hotel Association. The other directors are Reynaldo Magana, Eduardo Aguilar, Rodwell Ferguson Junior and Carlos Santos Junior.

Channel 5