The Ministry of Health and Wellness informs the public of the signing into law of Statutory Instrument No. 2 of 2021 of the Quarantine Regulations, 2021, which came into effect yesterday, January 14, 2021.

The statutory instrument states that the Ministry of Health and Wellness has the sole responsibility for the approval of the importation of tests to detect SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19. Additionally, it gives the Ministry the sole authority to approve any person wanting to offer testing for the virus.

At this time, only PCR and Antigen tests are approved by the Ministry of Health and Wellness. The public is therefore advised to be aware of anyone making claims to conduct any other type of testing for COVID-19. Persons can call the Ministryís toll-free number 0-800-MOH-CARE (0-800-664-2273) for information on approved health facilities and laboratories endorsed by the Ministry to conduct the approved tests.

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