On March third, voters head back to the polls for the municipal elections. The two major political parties are readying their slates as there are a total of sixty-seven seats up for grabs.� Public Service Minister Henry Charles Usher, under whose ministry elections and boundaries fall, says that preparations are well underway for the municipal elections and the by-election in Corozal Bay, which will be held simultaneously.


Henry Charles Usher, Minister of Elections & Boundaries

"We are trying to make sure that elections are held on the same day so that we don't have to duplicate efforts and we can make sure that everything is done on that particular day. So from the elections and boundaries standpoint, I have had meetings with the chief elections officer, we have already gotten our budgets approved by cabinet and by the national assembly to make sure that we can carry out both elections. And so it is just making sure that everything, the logistics are put in place. We will need more or less about fifteen hundred public officers to work both elections on that day so we are starting that process of the call for public officers to come out and to make sure that the training is done. Of course, again, we have additional expenses having to do with COVID regulations, having to make sure that all our voters feel safe coming out, can vote and then go home."

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