In responding to the terminations at the Ministry of Transport, Prime Minister John Briceño also spoke on the general issue of employment in these times of austerity where there simply aren’t many jobs to offer.

John Briceño, Prime Minister

“On the issue of the people that have been let go at the bus terminals, as I am told, many of those people were just put there by the previous minister.  Many of them were just there as placeholders, many of them were not even working.  Many of them did not even qualify for the post that they were given.  They were simply given a post because they served or supported the former Minister of Transport and we need to put in people that can do the work and people also, just as important, people that are prepared to cooperate with the government.  Many instances we have a lot of people within government because they pledge allegiance to the previous government or to the UDP.  They do every and anything to undermine the work of the government and many of these people, we saw this happening, and so it was felt that in the interest of the bus industry and to be able to provide proper service to the public that that they had to be released.”


“Sir, we are being told though that for every person you are letting go, you are bringing on a whole lot more.”

John Briceño

“I don’t know, I would dispute that we are bringing in a lot more because we’re not bringing in a lot more.  We have been very tight with the people that we are hiring because we are in a bad financial state.”

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