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WatchAMovieOnUs carnival edition goes global!

From 07 feb – 14 feb 2021, ttff will stream ten film festival favourites for FREE via the ttff website. Films will be available to viewers around the world for 24 hours each (midnight to midnight).
full schedule:

07.02.2021, No Bois Man No Fraid, directed by Christopher Laird
08.02.2021, Mystic Fighters, directed by Sophie Meyer
09.02.2021, Jab! The Blue Devils of Paramin, directed by Alex DeVerteuil
10.02.2021, Play the Devil, directed by Maria Govan
10.02.2021, “Documenting Carnival” panel discussion moderated by Ray Funk, with panelists Kevin Adams, Maria Govan, Christopher Laird, Asha Lovelace, Mark Lyndersay and Maria Nunes
11.02.2021, Pan! Our Music Odyssey, directed by Jérôme Guiot
12.02.2021, After Mas, directed by Karen Martinez | Dying Swan + Paradise Lost, directed by Christopher Laird
13.02.2021, Soca Power, directed by Claude Santiago
14.02.21, Bazodee, directed by Todd Kessler

Follow our event page at: https://facebook.com/events/1087365151690219/ and keep an eye on this space for more about each film!