On the educational front, after almost of year of distance learning, an education taskforce has finally been formed to figure out how and when kids can get back into the classroom.
The names of the members are very familiar: the new Special Envoy and the wife of PM John Briceno, Rossana Briceno; PUP Senator Isabel Bennett; Senator and President of the BNTU, Elena Smith; acting DHS Dr Melissa Diaz Musa; Martine King of Mind Health Connect; Principal of St Catherine's Academy, Salome Tillett, Principal of Belize High School, Jamie Usher, and President of the Student Union, Kevin Chen.

Also listed on the press release is an as yet un-named representative from the University of Belize's Faculty and Staff Union.

The focus of this task group is for the quote "safe and responsible reopening of schools for face-to-face interaction in August/September 2021, or whenever deemed safe by the Ministry of Health and Wellness," end quote.

According to the press release from the Ministry of Education, as important as it is for schools to reopen, they want to ensure that the safety of students and teachers are not at risk and will follow the guidelines of the task force and the Ministry of Health. The task force is chaired by the CEO of Education, Dian Maheia.

Early on, critics have said that the membership does not have a cross section of representations from primary, southside, or rural schools.

The task force will be effective from February first to July 31st.

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