The Ministry of Public Utilities, Energy and Logistics in partnership with the newly elected members of the Belize Transport Board and the Belize Bus Association (BBA) will be implementing new measures to improve the Public Transport Industry as recommended by the Comprehensive National Transportation Master Plan. Some measures to be implemented are:

Proper vetting of first-time applications for Road Service Permits (RSP) before gazetting and submission to the board for approval.
Applications for renewals will no longer be automatic. Renewals will be based on the conduct of operators and their compliance with the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Laws and the conditions of their RSP.
Existing bus operators are to submit their applications for renewal three (3) months before the expiration of RSP. Failure to do so will render a penalty to be instituted by the board.
Any existing operator caught operating an omnibus without an RSP will be charged and the omnibus will be impounded pending the outcome of the charge.
Operators with repeated offences, depending on the gravity of the offences, may have their RSP suspended or even revoked.
Bus operators with arrears owing for RSP will be given an opportunity to clear their balance before the board decides to suspend or revoke their RSP.
All holders of a valid RSP MUST have the bus registered in their names or their company name.
The board will be meeting regularly with the BBA to address matters affecting existing operators.

The Department of Transport and the Police Department will continue to enforce the traffic laws related to omnibuses, especially those in connection with adhering to the COVID-19 regulations.