Low infectivity rates like that is what's driving the Ministry of Health and Wellness to expand testing. Chebat outlined the new drive - which could be coming to your household:

Hon. Michel Chebat, Minister of Health & Wellness

"Since expanding our testing we have seen a decreasing number of cases, but at the same time we have also seen a decreasing number of persons accessing our testing services. This may be a reflection of the containment of the outbreak, but we can only be certain of this if we reach out to more people and consistently get less than 5% positivity rate for 2 incubation periods or 28 days. With that in mind we have commence testing at high risk institutions, meaning institutions whose employees have a higher level of interaction with the public. These institutions include but are not limited to the government ministries and departments, institutions that house the elderly, the BDF camps, banks, call centers, media houses and big industries as well as supermarkets. Shortly, we shall also be knocking on your doors. We will be going house to house to make sure that we identify all of our citizens who may be afflicted by this virus."

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