Starting February first, the northern border with Mexico will, after almost ten months, reopen; but, only to allow for Mexican patrons to enter the Corozal Free Zone. Over a hundred thousand dollars has been invested in ensuring that there are temperature checks and screening done at the entrance of the zone in addition to other sanitization measures. So, if the northern border is opening, are there considerations in place for the free zone in the west and for that matter, land borders in general.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs

“The opening of the western free zone is not something that we have brought to the table as yet. But it is not to say that it will not come in the near future. Of course, it is good to see where we are with this particular reopening. The Corozal Free Zone has more business interest than the western free zone and so if it is that we are able to succeed and there isn’t a huge spike coming out of this reopening, then we can look at the western border as well. So it is certainly a case study as we move forward with this particular reopening. But we haven’t considered yet the reopening of the western border – or the western free zone – let me clarify – not borders. No border is open right now, no land border.”

Channel 5