he public is up in arms at the realization that the K.H.M.H. is making them pay for PPE's used during their care. It is no rumored surcharge, it's real and C.E.O Hoare says they listed it on patients' bill's for full transparency.

She also told us that while she would prefer the cost be subsidized that's quote: "Not the reality":

Michelle Hoare, CEO, KHMH Authority
"The personal protective equipment of PPEs as it's commonly known is a part of the medical supplies that is used to provide care for patients admitted either confirmed with Covid or suspected of having Covid. I know that there is a doubt whether these things are all donated or whether we purchase them. Just for the record not all the PPEs that are used are donated. We do get donations from entities to support the Covid response, but the majority is procured through the ministry of health. It's a part of the medical supplies that we used and its charges that are there and for transparency we didn't want the public or anybody to not be clear on what it is that they are being charged for and so its itemized on the bill. We don't hide the charges, it's there and it's a cost recovery exercise. Covid management is tertiary level care for us, because it's critical care and there is a cost that's associated with that level of service that is provided. The charges is shown on the bill as day charge for the PPEs and basically what that means for us a day charge is a 24 hour coverage in the hospital for patients that are admitted. Each 24 hour is divided into 2 - 12 hour shift and by standard we have changes for PPEs at least 3 changes per shift. Now when we talk about PPEs we are talking about a kit that is prepared before the staff member actually goes into the unit, a kit is prepared. In that kit it comprise or it includes a full body suit with the hood, a goggle, N95, mask, 2 pairs of gloves, boots. So it's a kit that is prepared and the staff member would pull a kit and the reason why we prepare it as kits, is because when the staff pulls the kit to prepare for the management of the patients, we want them to have everything that they will need to manage those patients."

"The charges really is for actually 6 kits in a 24 hour. Six changes per staff in a 24 hour period. Now when you break down the price per PPE that is used - $200 a day as is shown on the bill and you break it down by the item that is included in the kit - we are looking at something like $6 plus per item. And of course the charges vary depending on what type of PPE whether its full body suit, whether its goggles, whether it's the mask. If you break it down by 6 changes in a 24 hour period and per the number of items that is in a kit, then it's basically $6 plus per item if you want to look at it from that perspective."

"I do understand that the public is concerned that the PPEs are worn by the staff and they take care of other patients in the unit, but we need to say that when we are doing the costing, its only per kit per staff and of course we have different categories of staff that works in the unit: doctors, nurses, attendants, PCAs, house keepers from time to time, we have the maintenance service guys that have ro go in and do the servicing of equipment, so it's a number of staff, but when we are billing we only bill per staff."

"As CEO of the hospital and having knowledge of how these things are practice worldwide, is it your belief that in fact patient should not bear this cost and it should be subsidized by the government?"

Michelle Hoare, CEO, KHMH Authority
"Well we would hope that and we would want that patients dont have ro bear the costs of these types of service, but it's not the reality. If the ministry decides that they want to provide this particular service free of charge or the supplies associated with it, then that would have to be a policy decision that comes from the ministry of health."

Hoare also told us that as a statutory authority, and not for profit the K.H.M.H does have cost recovery mechanisms in place to at least keep it above board.

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