The Ministry of Home Affairs will introduce a new National Crime Fighting Strategy by mid-February. The Belize Police Department will implement the plan of action to tackle the scourge of violent crimes across the country. The strategy will also look closely at the issue of domestic abuse since incidents of such offenses have gone up considerably during the COVID-19 pandemic. Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries Kareem Musa announced today during a parliament meeting.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs

“We can with excitement tell the nation that within the next two weeks we‘ll be launching our National Crime Fighting Strategy. The backbone of this strategy is new, bold, modern and fully uploaded to the new technological world. The game changer is in the modernization and humanization of the change tools. This will make a big difference as we are excited to design the launch of our innovation and technology platforms. We look forward to boosting our forensic capacity, our video surveillance coverage, including body cams for officers, ankle monitors, face recognition cameras, as well as our domestic violence strategies which as of recent saw the opening of a child-friendly space in San Ignacio at the police station.”

Channel 5