The Department of the Environment (DOE) hereby reminds Effluent Generators (companies producing and discharge effluent) that the License to Discharge Effluent expires yearly on March 31st. A valid License to Discharge Effluent is required to comply with the Environmental Protection (Effluent Limitations) Regulations. These Regulations establish that it is illegal to dispose of effluent (wastewater) without a license or written permission from the DOE.

DOE advises companies to apply for renewal of their license well in advance of its expiration. A copy of the completed application, proof of payment along with a progress report should be submitted to the DOE for processing of the license. The progress report should include:

1. A GPS coordinate for all the discharge point(s), and the volume of effluent discharged in 2020/2021 from the waste system at each location.

2. All analytical results of effluent monitoring (sampling) conducted throughout the year as required by the License to Discharge Effluent. (The license will not be issued if analytical result is not submitted for review).

3. Any modification, new technology, new disposal methods, etc. that the company has implemented during the past year.

4. Modification that the company proposes to make during 2021/2022 in order to improve the present wastewater management system.

In order to facilitate the application process, a copy of the application can be downloaded from the DOE website ( Payment for the application fee in the sum of $500.00 can be made at the nearest Government Treasury or any District Sub Treasury to account number 23328/11718/120/15 or may be done online using the following information:

Name of Account: GOB-Belmopan Sub-Treasury
Name of Bank: Heritage Bank
Account Number: 1068623