The SARTENEJA VILLAGE COUNCIL has just issued a release that Today another fishing vessel from Sarteneja has been attacked by pirates on our high seas.

It is regrettable that they have deprived our dear fishermen of their belongings, marine products and livelihood that they have gained with much hard work over the years.

"We know very well that this is nothing new since there have been reports of missing persons and even deaths in past years. Therefore, we inform you that as a council we have been working behind the scenes and fighting hard to see that this problem is addressed, as soon as possible.

The Mayor traveled to Corozal today and has had a fruitful conversation with the Area Representative and Minister of National Defense and Border Security Hon. Florencio Marin Jr. to dialogue with the pertinent authorities, whether they are the Coast Guard, the Police, the Ministry of Fisheries and other relevant authorities or entities, but most importantly, we need the participation of boat captains and those who have been directly affected.

The plan is already underway, so we encourage FISHERMEN to show solidarity and participate in this exercise in order to improve their lifestyle in the workplace. We suggest a tentative date for a meeting be held the third week of February, so that there is participation of the fishermen.

We remind you that due to health protocols and Covid-19, the number of people who can attend will be limited. We will be informing you of the date, place and time as soon as it is official and the number of participants that may attend.

It is time that as fishermen, we unite and fight for a better tomorrow where our relatives no longer live in fear, that going to work may be the last time they see their father, brother, grandfather, uncle or friend".

Sarteneja Council

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