[Linked Image]San Pedro’s very own Dr. Giovanni Solorzano is the new Chairperson of the National AIDS Commission (NAC) and Country Coordinating Mechanism. The Office of the Prime Minister appointed Dr. Solorzano, replacing the previous Chairperson, Laura Tucker-Longsworth. Dr. Solorzano shared with The San Pedro Sun that as a physician witnessing first-hand the needs of HIV patients, he will be able to lobby for global funds. The purpose will be to provide better health care, prevention, and education about the disease. “I feel humbled by the appointment of our Prime Minister and will continue to give my best to our people living not only with HIV, but Tuberculosis, STI, and viral hepatitis,” said Dr. Solorzano. “My major accomplishment will be to get access to global funds to provide care to our Belizean people.”

Dr. Solorzano came to the island for the first time as the Medical Officer under the Government of Belize, working alongside the late Dr. Otto Rodriguez at the then Lion’s Clinic. He moved to the island officially in February of 1993, where he met and later married his wife, San Pedrana Gina Solorzano. In November 2012, he served at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II in the clinical coordinator/medical director’s capacity.

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