(Land Surveyors Act, Chapter 187 of the Substantive Laws of Belize, R.E. Edition 2011)

The Ministry of Natural Resources, Petroleum and Mining is notifying for general information that the LAND SURVEYORS’ BOARD has been reconstituted for the purposes of recommending to the Minister persons duly qualified for the grant of a licence to practice land surveying in Belize and advising the Minister on matters connected with land surveying and the advancement of the study and practice of land surveying in Belize, among other things.

The members of the LAND SURVEYORS’ BOARD are as follows:

(1) Ag. Commissioner of Lands and Survey, Mr. Talbert Brackett (ex-officio) as Chairman
(2) Ag. Principal Surveyor, Mr. Kevin Gutierrez (ex-officio)

Three Licensed Surveyor appointed for a period of two years with effect from 9th February 2021:

(3) Mr. Rolando Rosado
(4) Mr. Leonard Ysaguirre
(5) Mr. Donald McKay

The LAND SURVEYORS’ BOARD is important to establish and maintain high-quality and reliable land surveys. In a fundamental sense, high-quality surveys cannot occur without strong, first-rate surveying standards. Likewise, confidence in land surveys cannot exist without key stakeholders participation; having regard to necessary changes within the existing pool of surveyors as well as attracting well-trained and qualified people to practice in surveying. The Ministry of Natural Resources, Petroleum and Mining is confident that the LAND SURVEYORS’ BOARD comprises the mix of public/private sector participation expected to achieve and improve on quality surveying and surveyors.