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Great Food in a Lovely Secret Garden Hideaway in Busy San Pedro

Jeff and I both loved our lunch at GypsyRestaurant & Cocktail Bartique - a new restaurant by a seasoned Belize-restaurant professional. The atmosphere was great - the food was even better and I LOVE the idea of a co-op.

Tucked in a small secret garden, just feet from the busy road, is a secret garden restaurant called Gypsy Restaurant and Cocktail Bartique. A busy road…a bright pink door and you step thru the building into a secret garden. Shaded with a large almond tree and set on an offshoot of the lagoon. My friend Eryn has worked on Ambergris Caye for quite a few years now. With the popular Nook Restaurant in downtown San Pedro and now this new spot on the main road a few blocks south to the bridge.

I think the thing I was most smitten with – besides the Smoked Fish Dip and the Smoked Pork Sliders – two items that we keep talking about…and plotting to return for…was the whole idea behind the spot. Eryn was inspired by a “co-operative bar” in Toronto (she’s originally Canadian eh) where restaurant folks come together to hang out and…elevate the spot. And folks band together in tough times to help the community.

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