Tourist claims misinformation on COVID-19 regulations led to unpleasant experience with police

An American tourist visiting San Pedro Town almost got into trouble with the law after claiming misinformation of the curfew’s COVID-19 quarantine regulations. The visitor claims police were not courteous, and after several minutes of interrogation, was threatened if ever caught again violating the curfew.

The tourist, who has visited the country in previous years, acknowledged to have unwittingly violated the regulation but did not expect the police to treat him the way they reportedly did. According to his experience, it was just after 10PM on his way to his hotel from a restaurant. Police allegedly pulled him over and started interrogating him. He claimed to have not been allowed to explain why he was on the road at 10PM. The tourist said he feared for his safety when the police officer began hitting his baton as if implying it would be used against him. According to him, the police officer threatened to get him in trouble if he was caught again. He also noticed that while they were speaking to him, other drivers were not stopped and allowed to continue their way. The concerned visitor apologizes if any law was violated, but believes police officers should not approach anyone with implied physical force threats. He said to have contacted governmental authorities on the matter, but claims he was mistreated or ignored.

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