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On Sunday, February 14th, a second clean-up left northern Ambergris Caye’s beaches with far less garbage. Spearheading the effort once again was islander Elito Arceo, who, along with the dozens of volunteers ask the public not to litter when using these beaches for recreational purposes. Hundreds of 50-gallon bags were filled with rubbish that stretched for miles along the beach. Most of the discarded items were plastic. There were sandals, bottle caps, empty water bottles, condoms, large plastic containers, glass rum, empty soft drink empty, and even old fishing nets. It is believed that some of this garbage washed ashore from passing ships or near communities, and the balance was left behind by people visiting this beach. More than ten miles north of San Pedro Town, the area is popular on weekends, with islanders looking for an isolated picnic area. According to Arceo, the beaches this far north are nesting grounds for sea turtles. Arceo also wants to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of the island’s fragile natural environment, keeping it rubbish free, and passing on that civic pride to future generations.

Another clean-up is in the plans; however, organizers appeal to the public to keep our beaches clean by not dumping. The beaches are there for everyone to enjoy. Still, everyone’s responsibility is to take care of these beautiful areas and not contaminate with pollution such as improper garbage disposal.

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