Claims to have followed all health protocols

Well- known island business owner operating in the popular area of Secret Beach was charged for ‘Conducting a Restricted Event’ after holding a Valentine’s beach activity. The accused entrepreneur is chef and proprietor of Pirate’s Treasure Restaurant and Pirate’s Not-So-Secret beach bar Maresha Reid, who is scheduled to appear at the San Pedro Magistrate Court on March 3rd. Reid claims she complied with all health protocols when her business held a Valentine’s Day party involving a bikini model contest. However, police say the event violated the current Statutory Instrument (SI) on Public Health Regulations that went into effect on February 1st. A senior officer at the San Pedro Police Station stated that Reid was advised against hosting the alleged restricted event and was aware of the SI restrictions. Reid reportedly sought legal advice and continued with the event.

Reid maintains she obeyed the latest COVID-19 Quarantine Regulations requiring establishments such as restaurants to operate at a 50% capacity of persons on the premises. “I followed all protocols,” said Reid. “We were very strict, and it all went smoothly.” Reid maintains that she is not responsible for persons who were not on her premises as the beach is public property. “Our DJ did a great job reminding everyone to be seated, wear masks, and practice social distance.” The event included bikini contestants who modeled wearing a mask. Reid believes that she was singled out because other establishments nearby clearly broke protocols, and they were not penalized. Reid was apprehended and said she had to spend a short time behind bars before being charged. She feels disappointed with the police treating her as a criminal and affirmed that police were around the area all day and all safety protocols were followed, but 48 hours later, unexpectedly, she was in trouble with the law.

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