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Construction halted following public outcry

The construction of a new dock along the beach at the Boca del Rio area has triggered public outrage, as many islanders believe the beach is over-saturated with these structures. The project, which received approval from the local Building Unit at the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC), has reportedly been stopped. The project is now under investigation to determine if the Ministry of Natural Resources regulations were followed. Many island residents believe that such saturation of piers along the beach is unattractive and can drive tourism away. The pulse from many is that beach areas are diminishing, and if nothing is done, both Belizeans and visitors will have no beach areas to visit along the eastern coast of San Pedro Town.

Belize Rural South Area Representative the Honourable Andre Perez did not support the dock’s construction and indicated that it first became an issue following the November 2020 general elections. The project is believed to not comply with environmental regulations and was stopped. Works on the area recently started again with the assistance of a letter from the local Building Unit dated February 16th headlined ‘No Objection to Proposed Development.’ The letter noted that construction could not begin until a form requesting permission was submitted to the Building Unit located at the SPTC. The San Pedro Sun confirmed with the Building Unit that such application was submitted and that the project met all requirements; thus, works commenced.

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