And while Perez is working, more than half of his constituents are not. He discussed the dire unemployment situation in the country's tourism capital:

Hon Andre Perez, Minister of The Blue Economy and Civil Aviation
"The unemployment is something that is affecting our people, mentally, anxiety kicks in and right now people are so unforgiving and you cannot blame them. More than ever people are desperate. They really need help."

Jules Vasquez, reporter
"I don't think people understand the enormity of loss that many San Pedranos have gone through and it's a very expensive place to live. It's the most expensive place to live in the country and people are facing that without having a job."

Hon Andre Perez
"Over the weekend I was in Orange Walk Town, I've been several times to Belmopan, I've been through Belize City and I did not compare it to everybody here, many people do not understand the seriousness we are having. When I am talking about 60%-65% unemployment, its real and I am telling you poverty is real in this area of San Pedro and Caye Caulker. We cannot be going trying to get a piece of farm lands. There is nothing. We have to go to the waters to catch some fish and try to survive. That is the reality of this town."

The number that Government is putting out there is that 120,000 people are looking for work.

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