It's days to go before the municipal election, and that;that's when the allegations start flying fast and furious. Tonight, UDP San Pedro Town Council members have been accused of transferring the council's golf carts into private ownership. A press release from the Ministry of the Blue Economy and Civil Aviation says that they have proof of these transactions - and indeed we have seen what appear to be transfer documents. They have also been in communication with the Minister and CEO of the Public Utilities and Logistics Ministry to put a stop to what they say are illegal and unethical actions.

The release confirms that, for now, the golf carts are parked at the SP Town Council with an order that they must not be moved from the property.

Outgoing Mayor Daniel Guerrero has denied these allegations to the San Pedro Sun, but also added that according to the Town Council Act, they have the jurisdiction to buy and sell the Council's property if they so choose.

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