What about land borders? Given the economic hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Guatemalan residents have been clamouring for the reopening of the western border. Even though Mexicans are allowed to travel to the Corozal Free Zone, Belizeans have not been able to visit to neighbouring Chetumal or Melchor, Guatemala for business or leisure. Minister Chebat says that they have been looking at protocols to reopen border, but for now, it won’t happen.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health & Wellness

“I don’t think that it is proper and reasonable to continue holding the country lock down more than we need to. And so what we are doing at the Ministry of Health and Wellness, we are looking at the different protocols that we could employ to allow for the opening of our borders. Clearly we are not blind to the economic needs of our country and the need for trade and so that is at the forefront of our mind. But as the Ministry of Health and Wellness, our priority is the health of the Belizean public and so that is what we advocate for. We are in conversations with fellow ministers and we will be recommending protocols that will allow at a future date for the opening of the land borders.”

Channel 5