Here is a video from a couple days ago... Check out this incredible sighting of a hammerhead shark today off Ambergris! They love to snack on eagles rays, and true to this nature an Eagle ray was spotted after his departure with a shark mouth-shaped chunk missing from him. Poor ray, but happy shark.

We got the wonderful privilege to see this hammerhead this afternoon close to the doge shop ( in front of loosers ) unfortunately the spotted eagle ray was not that lucky.
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Rachel Graham
This critically endangered and rarely seen great hammerhead (Sphyrna mokarran) went after its favorite food, an eagle ray. It just happened to catch it near a dock. Hammers are not interested in people and tend to be very shy when anyone is on the water. Was anyone in the water at the time? Worth noting that in the Bahamas they have generated huge sums from encounter tourism (USD114 million annually). So we need to think about how we keep these iconic rare animals about for the health of our ecosystems and for building our shark encounter tourism to be first class and lucrative for many coastal communities and businesses in Belize. As a final note, the gillnet ban is one of the best things to have happened to help reverse the decline of a range of marine species but notably the hammerheads, whose populations are scraping bottom worldwide, including Belize.