[Linked Image]The Belize Port Authority hereby informs the public that Cabinet approval has been granted for the reopening of Belize’s ports to small foreign pleasure vessels and live aboard vessels under the following boarding standards and clearance procedures

including specific biosecurity measures.

1. Small foreign pleasure vessels and live aboard vessels (less than 100GRT) shall not require a shipping agent to facilitate entry to and exit from Belize.

2. Existing procedures will be maintained for entry to and exit from Belize territorial waters (Belize Port Authority clearance and Notice of Arrival; requisite passport and visa details; entry/exit clearance; immigration, customs, BAHA and other clearance).

3. Four ports would be reopened for this segment based on demand: San Pedro, Ambergris Caye; Belize City, Belize; Placencia, Stann Creek; and Punta Gorda Town. Each of these destinations would have one designated location for processing of vessels.

4. Passengers entering Belize shall be subject to similar requirements when entering at the airport, including proof of a negative COVID-19 test prior to arrival or proof of vaccination

or be subject to testing by the MOHW, the use of the Belize Travel Health App, the use of masks, the use of Gold Standard hotels or tour operators, and compliance with all immigration, customs, and agricultural health requirements.

5. Crew and passengers that have been at sea for 14 consecutive days or more without having visited another country or port, shall be exempt from providing proof of COVID-19 test or being tested upon arrival.

6. Positive tests will require the quarantining of the entire vessel and its passengers and crew. We thank you for your cooperation.