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My fellow islanders: As I close off this chapter in my political life, I take this opportunity to acknowledge the sacrifices made by many, in my quest to serve this town for 9 years. Success is not accomplished alone - it's on the shoulders of many. For that reason, I am eternally grateful to God, who is the greatest Architect of my life. Through this journey, he was my source of light and energy. I wish to also thank my beautiful wife of 28 years, who weathered these 9 years bravely along my side, despite the many attempts by political mischief makers to divide us. To the rock of my life - my 3 sons and my daughter, I love you and thank you for all the support shown to me. To My extended family and my friends who always believed in me, I am equally thankful. To the thousands of supporters who always supported me, you have become my family and I will always treasure the opportunity you gave me to serve you. I also wish to thank the wonderful staff at the San Pedro Town Council for always supporting me with my ideas in making our town a better place. When I first began this journey over 10 years ago, San Pedro Town was different in so many ways. I am extremely proud, that collectively, working as a team, and with the constant support of our residents and business community, we managed to positively impact and effect changes for our citizens. Sure, as we continue to grow, so are our demands. As such, our young leaders will have to learn that running a town requires the right skills to constantly adjust to our growing demands. In closing, I wish the new elected council all the best. Remember that power remains with the people. They make and move leaders. As such, you must learn to lead with transparency and accountability, but also with compassion and love. I will remain your humble servant.