There were a number of women who won their bid for political office across the country, as an area rep and a mayor. History was made in the Corozal Bay electoral division on March third when four thousand one hundred and thirty-two registered voters decided that the younger sibling of the now deceased area rep, David “Dido” Vega is the best candidate to represent them in central government. News Five’s Duane Moody.

Duane Moody, Reporting

It was an emotional night for the newly elected Corozal Bay area representative, Elvia Vega. She says the win is for her brother, David “Dido” Vega, who, shortly after winning the same seat four months ago, lost his fight to the deadly COVID-19.

Elvia Vega, Area Representative, Corozal Bay

“I am so happy and at the same time it is a little bit emotional because you know all that my brother went through. And I am here to continue his work. I am so happy that the Corozaleños believe in me and they have given me this opportunity to represent them and I plan to represent them well. And I plan to represent them well, as much as they deserve to be represented.”

And the win was massive. Vega trounced U.D.P. standard bearer and former four-time mayor Hilberto Campos, by tripling the margin of win back in the general elections in November between Dido and former area rep, Pablo Marin. One thousand two hundred and thirty-one votes over her political opponent.

Theresita Miranda, Returning Officer, Corozal Bay By-Election

“Campos Hilberto, 1428 votes; Vega-Samos Elvia “Elvie,” 2659 votes. The number of votes cast were 4087; we had forty-five rejected votes. Therefore, the elected representative for Corozal Bay is officially Miss Vega-Samos Elvia – “Miss Elvie.”

Elvia Vega

“I have to thank the big one up there, God. I must thank the party as well; Honourable John Briceño for giving me that support. I must thank other ministers that came and supported me, walked with me during the campaign trail. I must thank Honourable Kareem Musa who was there with me from the get-go, from the beginning; I am so appreciative of that. But most of all, I need to thank as well the machinery; the machinery was out there working from the beginning, from the morning to the last second. And the people of Corozal Bay.”

The win is momentous not because it is another woman in central government, but because “Elvie” is the first woman to have won a parliamentary seat in the north in the history of Belize’s democracy.

Elvia Vega

“This is an opportunity for females to see that they can step up to the plate and make a difference in their community. Like I keep on mentioning, it is a female world as well, not just the males.”

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs

“This has nothing to do with me or any of the other ministers; it has to do with her, her genuine spirit, her plan for her community. I saw that from the get-go and so it had to do with her and her vision and her machinery. They believed in her the same way they believed in her brother and so today, it really is the passing of the mantle, the passing of the baton, to somebody who is going to represent and represent well in the national assembly. So I look forward to fighting along with Elvie, fighting along with her because I know she will fight for her people and she will represent them well.”

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