Thank you to artist Hassan Raheem for producing this sweet video showcasing some of the murals around Corozal Town which were created by our Corozal Street Art Movement (CSAM) artists and through the Corozal Graffiti Festival. Hassan has been involved in the arts most of his life, he is the owner of the Coconut Hut on 4th Avenue and in the past has offered coconut cuff art workshops at the House of Culture.

This video shows some of the beautiful graffiti wall paintings in Corozal Belize while telling the story of how they came about. One wall has a time-lapse of its creation by artiste Hassan who is also the video editor and producer. The moderator explaining the history of graffiti in Corozal is Debra Wilks (director of the Corozal House of Culture) .ENOY and Stay Tuned to WACPtv Belize for We Are Creative People..