On Friday night, the breaking news was about a small single engine plane, a Cessna 210 that crash landed in Blue Creek.

Also in the news is another plane, a Beechcraft Baron that had crash landed near the garbage dump on the Placencia Peninsula.

Police found it on Saturday evening and believe it was a narco plane - but its illicit contents were long gone.

It's not a common place for a dug plane landing, and the head of National crimes Investigation told us more:

ACP Joseph Myvette, Head, NCIB
"Also on Saturday sometime after 3 p.m. police were on patrol in the Pine Ridge area on the Placencia road when they came across a twin engine black and white Beechcraft airplane that had apparently crash landed in that area and also found on the scene were a number of empty fuel containers that we suspect contained aviation fuel, the area was searched and no other items were found."

"Could these two plane landings linked?"

ACP Joseph Myvett
"We were not able to establish that other than to say that the plane in the Placencia area seemed to have been there for a few days based on the surroundings when it was processed by the scenes of crime."

This twin engine plane can carry as much as two thousand pounds of cargo if the seats are removed, as they were in this case.

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