Ever heard of carving wood with a chainsaw? Let Gilbert explain...

Gilbert Henry is one of those people you start talking to and soon realize how interesting and knowledgeable he is.
Gilbert was adopted by a family who taught him the art of wood carving. Now he makes his living carving the Ziricote wood of Belize and selling his work. You truly won't Belize the tools and techniques he and his partners use to carve a variety of statues, cutting boards, and bowls. All I can say, is I have a much more profound appreciation for hand-made wooden items!
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00:15​ - Gilbert shows off his wood carvings and explains the wood types
02:00​ - What is Black Soil?
02:37​ - Gilbert explains his innovativeness with creating tools
03:40​ - Wood carving by Chainsaw???
04:20​ - The fine details of wood work
05:23​ - What makes Gilbert cry
05:45​ - Where does this wood come from?
07:00​ - Impact of "C" on sales
07:45​ - Gilbert's ATM
08:03​ - Gilbert's Education
08:45​ - Gilbert's Family
10:15​ - How to purchase Gilbert's work
11:10​ - Gilbert's Chainsaw Injury

Contact Gilbert: 011 - 501 - 636 - 7622
Follow him on facebook: Gilbert Henry

Part 2

A tray is made right before my eyes from a piece of Belizean Ziricote wood!!! Gilbert, Paul, and Jason create a personalized tray for me at their workshop in Ambergris Caye, Belize. This was an UnBELIZEable experience!